Installation View

x_topia is the search
for possibilities.
x_topia is an experimental spatial experience
from different perspectives
It is not static: you can replace the x.
All paths are open to you.
Spaces are in relation to us people,
our perception and positioning in them.
Our perception takes place within a matrix of socio-cultural conditions
and is always only a fragment.
Spaces are shaped by people, and they shape people.
They are understood and used in different ways.
And spaces also place people differently within themselves.
The definition of a room results from a personal point of view and,
at the same time, it is strongly influenced by it.
Space and body are so closely intertwined and interdependent
that it is important to understand one’s own perception and question it at the same time.
In how many different ways can we experience and perceive a space?
How different can x_topia be for us? And where do we meet again?

x_topia deals with space and perception. The work series contain multiple texts, “Tischtopia 1.0” (engl. Tabletopia 1.0 ), EYEBALLS/SOUNDSEATS and “Der Entschleuniger” (engl. The Decelerator).

x_topia was presented as a work series in april 2019 in the Off Space Moltkerei Werkstatt in Cologne.