Safar (Engl. travel) is a physical theatre performance written and staged by Parisa Karimi.

In the beginning of the performance a traveler arrives, pulling a hand-cart loaded with suitcases. She is following a flying bird-person projected onto the walls with her oversized camera.

Introduced like a silent movie the show takes the audience into a seemingly past time, partly in cinema history, where they are asked to find out what this trip could mean for the protagonist and what connections it offers to journey of life.

“Mobile wireless media technology, such as a projector built into a mock-camera, mobile light sources and a mobile sound system built into suitcases, give the set a very stubborn, humorous and dreamlike touch.” (zirkomania, Leipzig)

Safar was performed on Festivals in Barcelona, Cologne, Toulouse, Tarrega, Wuppertal, Waiblingen, Linz & Leipzig

Funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne and Startnext