Mirage#4…so what

Video Installation & Performance (2018) / 60:00 / in cooperation with IPtanz

Video Concept & Installation: Parisa Karimi

Choreography: Ilona Pászthy Dance: Diana Treder,Tim Čečatka Dramaturgy: Christina Schelhas Equipment: miegl Music: Zsolt Varga

Funded by: Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, Ministry of Culture & Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Inspired by recent discussions about self-optimization the project embarked on a search for artistic forms of expression for the bodies of the future.
Cyborgs assigned to household chores, high performance implants and high-tech prosthetics in professional sports, discussions about gender neutrality in society and politics, genetic manipulations and sex change, different functionalities, life realities and levels of meaning in bodies.

Different ways of approaching the variety of topics are sought and implemented on stage and in the video installations.
The video work opens and close the stage performance and is a collages consists out of animations, found footage from archives and live videos recorded of the dancers.

The choreographic work of IPtanz focuses on the body as a metaphor for the instrument, the platform,
the biological raw body and the vision of the future society. In the video work, Parisa Karimi reflects on the discourse about the bodies of the future from the perspective of the cyborg manifest with current questions about a postcolonial reality.

The juxtaposition of both artistic concepts creates a complex view of the bodies of tomorrow.