From Dream To Memory

Physical Theatre Performance (2011) / 50:00
Artistic direction: Andrea Bartolomeo & Parisa Karimi
Performed at the Center For Contemporary Dance (ZZT/ Köln) on the Festival Choreography-Media-Gender.

Funded by: the Cultural Office of Cologne & Rheinenergie Stiftung

Who is the dreamer and who the dreamed? How do told stories from other times become part of one self and our dreams? When does the dream become part of the everyday life?

A trio performance research on body memories

Written and Developed by: Andrea Bartolomeo and Parisa Karimi Choreography: Yuko Kaseki
Performed by:Andrea Bartolomeo,Parisa Karimi and Yuko Kaseki
Live Music: Alice Rose
Animation: Pauline Flory
Stage Video Concept: Parisa Karimi