From Dream To Memory

Who is the dreamer, and who is the dreamed? How do stories from other times become a part of oneself and our dreams? When does the dream integrate into everyday life?
A trio performance research on body memories.

Artistic direction: Parisa Karimi & Andrea Bartolomeo
Performed at the Center For Contemporary Dance (ZZT/ Köln)
on the Festival Choreography-Media-Gender.

Written and Developed by: Parisa Karimi & Andrea Bartolomeo
Choreography: Yuko Kaseki
Performed by: Andrea Bartolomeo, Parisa Karimi and Yuko Kaseki
Live Music: Alice Rose
Animation: Pauline Flory
Stage Video Concept: Parisa Karimi

Funded by: the Cultural Office of Cologne & Rheinenergie Stiftung