AV Live Cinema Performance (ongoing project) / 20:00 / FullHD Projector / Microphone / Amplifier / Computer

Animation, found footage, personal recordings woven into the focal point: the intersectional body. A growing puzzle with many possibilities to enter.

Told in three chapters
1) The body as the container of (unconscious) memories handed down through generations.
2) The body as the membrane between society and identity
3) The body as a medium

The project started with the investigation on the issue body memory and body frontiers and developed to a performance combining elements of a lecture performance, poetry and improvised electronic sounds to become a live cinema performance. As an ongoing project, (Syntagma) continues to develope.

Through the title {Syntagma} the work takes partly reference to Valie Exports Syntagma from the year 1983 and continues to contemporary questions about the intersectional body.