Encounter In Four Chapters

Video Installation (2017) / FullHD / Stereo / 23:20 / English Subtitles

Conceptualised for a video exhibit as part of the exhibition, titled “God3” (Telgte/D)
Funded by: Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media, Ministry for Family, Children,Youth, Culture and Sport of the state of NRW & Sparkassenstiftung Münsterland Ost


Concept & Artistic Direction: Parisa Karimi
Camera: Julia Franken,
Animation: Pauline Flory and Rikisaburo Sato
Choreography & Writing: Maryam Mohseni and Erik Werner
Stage-Design: Jan Patrick Brandt
Production: wert-voll ggmbh, RELIGIO museum and HeimatlosGrenzenlos

“Encounter in Four Chapters” is an interdisciplinary and staged documentation in which eight young people with various religious backgrounds appear. Some of whom have a refugee experience. They talk in four chapters about their everyday life struggles, beliefs, dreams, desires, and ideas. The work is the result of creative and collective process and exchange which happened during a interdisciplinary workshop project. In the film animation and elements of physical theatre are implemented as additional stylistic devices.