Warum bin ich hier?

Participative Mapping Installation (2017) / FullHD Projector / Computer / Stereo / Card-Board / Camera Set-Up / Duration: ∞

Sculpture: Jan Patrick Brandt
Programming and Video Mapping: Parisa Karimi

“Why am i here?” (original in German “Warum bin ich hier?”) is an interactive installation programmed with a random algorithm which create a random procedure of spoken sentences of a talking face-collage video mapped on a card-board-scultpure.

During the exhibition the visitors have the option to participate. They can position in front of a camera which shoot their face and where they can record their voice. For that they are asked to relate either on an already spoken sentence or asked question in the installation.

The footage of each face and so the voice is split in different parts and mixed with other faces in a random algorithm. The instalation grows through the participation of the visitors.