The Growing Landscape Of Connectivity

How would a landscape look like which is understand as a place that creates connectedness between all living beings? Which dialogues, encounters and politics of networking contribute for a change on a damaged planet? How And how does healing find its place in it?

The installation grew through the inputs given by the visitors of the temporary lab digging.connecting.becoming which was open to public in august 2020 in the Moltkerei Werkstatt in Köln.

The knowledge about intertwined life of species and the existence of the ecological network in which there are no limits and no autonomy of a particular species isn’t new.
As human animals that have roamed areas for ages, we are constantly exposed to new scenarios. These processes have led us to get to know and reformulate the connections we have with landscapes and natural spaces. Land expropriation, exploitation and destruction, landscape redesign and climate change are all closely related. In the context of the neoliberal, neocolonial world we live in today, with its enormous concentration of people in big cities, with wars for oil and other resources, entire relationships have been preserved, homes have been lost and people have to seek refuge. Covid-19 and the related state of emergency around the world is an example of the reality of interdependence on the global level, in which we make up for a world of tomorrow, today.